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RubyLearners? list: http://lists.iveyandbrown.com/cgi-bin/mailman/listinfo/rubylearners is a group starting to learn Ruby together/

Just curious: how does this ("learning together") work, as opposed to the more conventional "read a book/web page and just start hacking" approach?

Imagine sitting down with a couple people, a copy of a few Ruby books, and a laptop. Together, study Ruby, write code, play around. Now, do the same thing, but not co-located.

Apocryphal story (from memory, the original may vary):
  Reporter: Professor Einstein, how does radio work?
  Einstein: Begin with telegraph. Imagine a very long cat, stretching
      from New York to San Francisco. You step on its tail here, and
      in San Francisco the head of the cat meows. That is telegraph.
  Reporter: Ok...and radio?
  Einstein: Radio is exactly like telegraph, but there is no cat.

:-) I certainly had that in mind when I phrased my statement. I'm glad others picked up on that, as well. -- MichaelIvey

:-( But it didn't work. -- AlexeyVerkhovsky

I'd suggest starting with the ruby-talk mailing list. If you think that list is too high-volume or doesn't cater well enough to your needs as a newbie, try drumming up support for a newbie mailing list there. I would encourage you to try and make sure that there are some experienced ruby users looking over your shoulder (I would volunteer, but I've only got a couple of months of ruby under my belt) -- DanielSheppard.

Care to give your first impressions, as a brief list of points?

I'd suggest mentioning any topics you want to discuss right here. No time like the present. Do, rather than talking about doing, and all that.

Sure. I've been reading ProgrammingRuby online, and I'm a longtime PerlLanguage guy. I know there are others who are in a similar boat, so I thought it might be fun to do it together. So, I'm inviting others to learn Ruby with me. Anyone who wants to be a Ruby mentor is welcome, too. I figure 3-5 people would be ideal. I'll host a mailing list, and we'll work EnWiki as well, so lurkers can follow along...but it would focus on a few people interested in learning. Like a study group. So, who's in? -- MichaelIvey

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I'm in. I've read the PoignantGuideToRuby already, and found it interesting, but don't know anything else about Ruby -- BrianRobinson

Look for these things if you're coming from a CeeCeePlusPlus background:

If you're coming from a JavaLanguage background:

For RubyOnRails learning tips, see IwannaLearnRubyOnRails.
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