Jason Rogers

Contact Info: jacaetevha at gmail dot see-oh-em

Companies worked for:
  1. Interface Systems, Inc.
  2. Tumbleweed Communications, Inc.
  3. Great Lakes Techonologies Group
  4. Self-employed
  5. ProQuest Company
  6. University of Michigan Health Systems
  7. RiskMetrics Group, Inc.


  1. SmalltalkLanguage
  2. RubyLanguage
  3. JavaLanguage
  4. others...


  1. Classical Music
  2. Gospel Music
  3. Linux
  4. Toying with new technologies

I often get the question, "What books do you recommend?" So, here's an incomplete list that is good enough to get folks started. Of the following list I either have the book, want want the book, or have read/used the book on the job.


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