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JBoss, formerly EJBoss, is an OpenSource EnterpriseJavaBeans server, released under the GnuLesserGeneralPublicLicense (LGPL).

There was an interview with two lead developers, MarcFleury? and RickardOeberg? (his correct last name is "Öberg" but that's not a good WikiName) on http://conferences.oreilly.com/java/news/ejboss_0300.html; it is no longer there, but can be seen at http://web.archive.org/web/20011102064438/http://conferences.oreilly.com/java/news/ejboss_0300.html.

Will jBoss beat WebLogic within the next two years? The main drawbacks of jBoss: Currently (versions 2.2.2) no failover services, no clustering, no EjbTwo support.

Actually, it seems jBoss has failover - right on their website, it says Stacy Curl has been working on jBossMX for failover. If I'm wrong, delete way... :-)

But: it's quite stable for basic purposes, it has a nice hot deployment feature - and it's free. -- RainerWasserfuhr
It is quite user friendly, and I just bought a huge PDF book about the internals of JBoss from Flashline ($10). Geek out! Can't get _that_ from weblogic!

At ONEDay 2003 (Dutch JavaONE-in-a-day), it seemed as if everyone was trying hard not mention the JbossServer. When I asked, it turned out that everybody knows jBoss, but they only use it in development, not in production, which surprised me since it's the only one we use.

Is anyone using jBoss in production? -- AalbertTorsius.

We are using it for small-scale deployments. I haven't experienced any problems. -- JuhaKomulainen

Anyone care to compare it to the alternatives? --BenAveling

Yes, my previous company use JBoss and was able to sell the application package for like 1 million USD.

See also JbossFaq

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