Jeff Tulley

I am currently a software engineer for Fast Search and Transfer. Previously I worked for Novell for about 5 years. I've done a lot of work in Java with various Web ApplicationServers.

This page started out as ramblings about how to do TestFirst when creating GUIs, a problem I keep butting my head against. I found one paper on this: called "Is GUI Testing Difficult", at This was somewhat useful, though I'd like some more details (or maybe it is simply experience I lack).

Feel free to post any questions or comments about this page.

Some pages suggested by anonymous editors of this page: GuiUnitTesting JavaGuiArchitectures

I also at one time created a JavaGuiUnitTesting page to summarize what I learned, being able to be more specific to Java than GuiUnitTesting or GuiTesting can be. (Since Java has its own quirks).


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