Jeremy Cromwell

Jeremy Cromwell is still a WikiNewbie who is excited to read the many ideas represented here. Many are unfamiliar (or even contrary to everything I've ever been told I believe in), but the ones he's seen in practice (especially PairProgramming) are too exciting (and (more importantly?) work too well) to be dismissed easily.

Links he wants handy: He jumped past RecentChanges and became an unrepentant QuickChangesJunkie (who does prefer to let the editors have their anonymity). He also finds the aspect of typing in a URL that may or may not lead someplace interesting interesting. He appreciated StartingPoints.

He enjoys stories of HeroicDebugging.

His UserName is JeremyCromwell (NotWardCunningham), and hasn't (yet) assumed an AnonymousIdentity. He isn't that interested in WikiOnWiki discussions, even after giving them an honest try.

He has an (unhealthy?), almost Lisp-(Scheme-?)like habit to (over)parenthesize (and make up words (to the delight of spellcheckers (including this one) everywhere))).

He no longer chooses to work for those who simply want him to SweatMore.

He rarely reads (and plans on never again contributing to) OffTopic pages. (So many one-line zero-content pages, so little time.) He continues to lurk.

He learned to use ToolCommandLanguage (that's tcl to you!) and found its abilities to be exciting, but its use demoralizing.

He played with DolphinSmalltalk and wouldn't mind working with it, but got lost in his wandering.

He discovered PythonLanguage and found TrueLove (or, at least, perl without the line noise). At this time, he as dismissed RubyLanguage without prejudice.

He is an advocate of ExtremeProgramming, and is looking forward to putting the ExtremeProgrammingCorePractices into practice in his new job.

He knows the solution to the MontyHallProblem.

- And he taught it to MattSimpson. Thanks!


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