Kai Carver

What follows was written around 1998. Check http://kai.dyndns.org/ for more recent news.

I'm developing intranet apps using perl and databases.

I saw a mention of Wiki in a discussion on slashdot about how to start an open source project.

I tried reading the IETF WebDAV spec but it was too long. I'm very inspired by the elegance and simplicity of Wiki.

I wonder if the ParisPerlMongers would be interested in hosting a WikiWikiWeb?

As mailto:kcarver@dalet.com I work for Dalet Technologies http://www.dalet.com in Paris, France. Not a very interesting web site, I'm afraid, but there's some cool people working there. It specializes in GroupWare, which is a kind of VirtualCommunity, I guess, but for corporations mostly. It has offices around the world:

My friend HarryVelez is interested in virtual communities. I'll point him to this page and see what he thinks of it. He's started a VirtualCommunity at Excite http://mycomm.excite.com but I'm too paranoid to join 'cause they demand my email and I'm afraid they'll try to make money off me. Call me paranoid, but I'm more attracted to the free spirit (OpenSource, NotForProfit?, and very elegant) of something like a WikiWeb. Harry, what do you think?

Another friend who might be interested in this is JamesRiley?.

Another person who might be interested is VirginieOmar?. And another: ChristopheChenon.

DavidLandgren started the ParisPerlMongers , and he met Kai through that group.


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