Ken Dibble

What's your background? You have an interesting perspective about users. Oh, your solution is completely wrong but at least you see the problem. -- RK

I'm an in-house database application developer and all-around IT person for a not-for-profit agency. I have to create applications with interfaces that are fully accessible to people with all sorts of disabilities as well as efficient for nondisabled users.

I also deal with a lot of computer-illiterate people who nevertheless have to use computers daily to comply with the documentation and reporting requirements associated with providing human services. These folks are very dedicated and highly-competent human service workers. Their position is that computers are their servants, not vice-versa, and I agree with them. People whose primary duties do not involve computers should not have to change how they think in order to use computers for ancillary purposes. Computer interface designers should change how they think in order to accommodate users.

-- KenDibble

I agree that computers should be tools and/or clerks for users. I don't want a computer to ever be smart enough to question me. And I say so on DoesSoftwareMakeUsersHappy and SoftwareIsHatefulAndAbusive. I really should refactor that page to make it neater. One of the problems with software is that SoftwareIsBossy?. -- RK


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