Ken Megill

Ken Megill is a computer game designer and project manager. He's been making software since 1992, and has worked on projects aimed at audiences from 3 years old to hard-core wargamers. He can be reached at Flame away and ask why if you want.


Still a visitor as of 15 Dec 2003. (So the WikiGnomes know) Going away as of 16 Dec 2010.

A member of the Restorer faction during the BoogerClub deletion war. Created the BoogerClubDeletionWar page in an attempt to start a discussion of the issues surrounding BoogerClub kept being deleted along with that page.

The Lawyers are coming

Decided to leave after "the one whose name shall not be spoken" introduced the threat of litigation to WardsWiki. Fun, community and lawyers don't mix. Too many demands on my time to deal with that.

Damn! We'll miss you, Ken. I guess the rest of the BoogerClub will just have to carry on -- albeit poorer for your loss. B C'ing U, probably on accm. -- MartySchrader

Should we fly our boogers at half-staff? -- EricHodges

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