Lantz Rowland

Lantz Rowland is an Information Technical Analyst ( aka Geek ) in Seattle WA. Lantz started his Smalltalk adventures with an copy of Apple's License one port of Smalltalk-80 and has continued with ObjectShare ( both Parcplace and Digitalk ) VisualWorks, Smalltalk-V, ObjectWorks , followed by IBM Envy400 and VisualAgeSmalltalk , DolphinSmalltalk and SqueakSmalltalk .

While a lurking browser for years of the Portland Pattern Repository searching for new thoughts about patterns, Lantz is currently trying to see if wiki can help capture some not-quite-yet patterns out of a some recent brainstorms on LantzsWorkBench.

Lantz has one public Web and believes telephones are for PPP, but he can be reached at <mailto:lantzr@gmailcom>.

zL - Lantz's Scriptible Web is at

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