Let Stalk Strine

EnglishPlease ;-)

Sblooding lish! Woz amateur, karen chair blye reet jamon grill?

LetStalkStrine by Affabeck Lauder, a fabulous book on strine of all forms. (Out of print I think, but you can find it at http://dogbert.abebooks.com/abe/BookDetails?bi=63491869.)

There are a few strine pages on wiki:

but none that actually attempt to talk in the stuff. This page, after the immortal book by Afferbeck Lauder, is for chin-wagging in the vernacular.

Anybody have a copy of FrafflyWellSpoken? by the same author? yes.

Snoz goo strine but eh?

Papsnot, bye roll tonna florrin ire edit.

Holy Mackerel, there, Saphire! Somebody call the Language Police!

Whab lude eelsy tryna say now?

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