Life Is Short

LifeIsShort. Therefore, you might try to get out into the BigBlueRoom regularly.

Life is too short for that. Life is too short to GetaLife. We should rather spend a life without a life.. doing what we love in life

What's with all the EditWars? We all want the SignalToNoise ratio to be high, yet, they continue... Many WikiZens encourage PositiveDialogueCommunity, yet, EgolessWiki is practiced all too infrequently.

It is clear that no MasterPlan will work here, however, a few CivilityPatterns seem important for a website devoted to PeopleProjectsAndPatterns. So, to achieve that elusive QualityWithoutaName, try a bit of ActiveListening, and don't forget that PiecemealGrowth applies well to WardsWiki.

Remember, LifeIsShort so KeepAnOpenMind.

Can we merge with LifesTooShort?

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