Marketing Pattern

A MarketingPattern is a pattern also known as a MarketingStrategy?.

For example:

FreeAsInBeer software being used to promote a PaidSoftwareProduct? that has more features than the FreeAsInBeer product. Often times the FreeAsInBeer product is CrippledShareware? that has a limit in some way, for example, a time limit you can use the software before you have to purchase the PaidSoftwareProduct?, or the inability to SaveYourWork? in order to prevent FreeRider?s from indefinitely using your software. For example, a TrialVersion?. This is known as ShareWare, although some FreeAsInBeer software doesn't have a PaidSoftwareProduct? or a ProfessionalVersion?, or has one but is not CrippledShareware?. Contrast with FreeAsInFreedom or LibreSoftware.

Offering different versions of your software, but concurrently, where some will have greater feature sets and a greater cost. For example, MicrosoftWindows XP has a Home and Pro version, where the Pro version contains more features but costs $100 more.

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