Max Think

MaxThink is a pioneering software product providing authoring tools for using hypertext. NeilLarson runs MaxThink. He is said to welcome phone calls to talk about this stuff, so I'm going to call him soon and talk to him about esp. the process of KnowledgeAnnealing (he refers to it as InformationAnnealing?) that linked me there to him and here. (He does, I did, it helped, many years ago --DonaldNoyes)

I used MaxThink 10+ years ago in college when I was experimenting with a whole host of non-linear editing systems. Alas most of those systems got squashed out of the marketplace by MicroSquash?. Glad to see some continuing interest there. -- EdwardVielmetti

Neil has developed a Windows Version of MaxThink and it is available for download, to learn about it try this link. (A presentation, complete with audio and slides, Prepared by the SoftwareDeveloper And Author NeilLarson. or try (htm only - no audio)

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