Mbti Famous People

Example opinions about famous people Myers-Briggs types:

 Barack Obama (ENFP)
 George W. Bush (ENFJ)
 Bill Clinton (ENTJ)
 Franklin Delano Roosevelt (ISTP)
 Ronald Reagan (ENFJ)
 Walt Disney (ENTP)
 Larry King (ENTJ)
 Mikhail Gorbachev (ESFP)
 Adolf Hitler (ENFJ)
 Clint Eastwood (ISTJ)
 Marilyn Monroe (INFP)
 Immanuel Kant (INTJ)
 Albert Einstein (ENTP)
 Mohandas Gandhi (INFJ)
 J.R.R. Tolkien (INTP)
 Joseph Stalin (ISTJ)
 Gary Oldman (INFP)

See: MyersBriggs
You may find several places in Internet where opinions about famous people MBTI types are discussed, use search engines for it.

Be careful, there is enormous disagreement about the MyersBriggs types of famous people, including among so-called experts (due to absence of 100% precise and experimentaly prooved type identifing methods). MyersBriggs is kinda neat, but let's not forget that it is not a science. Isabelle Myers-Briggs did validation work but with strong defects (specifically, no one controlled totally her results, conditions allowed much influnce of subjective factors), and also some independant experiments have showen bad correlation between theory+MBTI and what is on practice. You can read about Isabelle's non-professional experiment only in her popular book "Gifts Differing", because seems like no one serious non-MBT-specific magazine printed her "researching".

David Keirsey claims that George H. W. Bush (the elder) is an ISFJ and that Richard Nixon was an ISTJ. If true, Nixon is certainly not a typical example. I'd give Dilbert as the prototypical ISTJ. --BenKovitz

There is lots of disagreement about Bill Clinton's type among the experts, but here are the two main views. David Keirsey says that he's an ESFP, evidenced by his love of being the center of attention, love of entertaining, and wily pragmatic negotiation style. There is a rumor that he took the MBTI and came out ENFP (and Hillary came out INTJ). ENFP seems to be the most popular guess for Clinton's type. Remember, no two people use quite the same definitions for the four-letter codes.

Supposedly Oprah Winfrey has taken the MBTI and came out ESFP.

About Adolf Hitler type. There is not widespread agreement on this. Lots of MyersBriggs "experts" say INFJ, and there are lots of other guesses as well. The first PleaseUnderstandMe said ENFJ.

According to David Keirsey, Einstein was a prototypical INTP.

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