Mind Fsck

A MindFsck is the process of telling someone something to fundamentally change their intent. It is most effective to tell it to them when their critical faculties are arrested, like:

It is possible for a MindFsck to be a good, healthy, loving thing, like when AA heals an Alcoholic. Usually, of course, it's covert and sordid, intended for TheManufacturingOfConsent. This is why MindFscks are the basis of both advertising and religion.

AlcoholicsAnonymous does not heal alcoholics. See the AADeprogramming website.

See Also: TheSecretOfPower, WhatFnordMeans, HowJohnEdwardDoesIt?.
The use of "fsck" as a replacement for "EffYuCeeKay?" (TheFword?) is a Unixism. "fsck" is a Unix program which does a filesystem consistency check and repair. When your file system is badly damaged, you are indeed fscked.
Dennis Ritchie: "So fsck was originally called something else"
Question: "What was it called?"
Dennis Ritchie: Well, the second letter was different.

-- Q&A at Usenix

... and there I was thinking that a mind fsck was when you check that your internal beliefs, values and goals are consistent and corruption free. ;-) -- some guy

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