Mobile Information Device Profile

WhatHappened since 2002 for this material? Is it deprecated in favor of something new?

MIDP is a set of Java APIs intended to be implemented in 'mobile information devices' (e.g. mobile phones), providing a limited Java runtime environment in which downloaded applications called 'MIDlets' can run. MIDlets are typically rather small; some devices limit them in size to as little as 30KB. The first MIDlets available are mostly small arcade-style games, but many other types are possible. For a good sample and an idea of what's possible, see

MIDP includes APIs for:

Substantial numbers of MIDP-enabled phone models are now appearing on the market (June 2002). Nokia alone targets to sell tens of millions of MIDP-enabled phones in 2002, and still higher numbers in 2003. One list of MIDP-enabled phones can be found from here:

MIDP is strictly a JavaMicroEdition 'profile' layered on top of the ConnectedLimitedDeviceConfiguration (CLDC). See

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