Mu Hin Shu

Literally "No Guest, No Host", the ideal of ''Chado", the WayOfTea. Chado hosts welcome their guests to a tea gathering with a pure and open heart. All of their efforts are directed toward ensuring the guest's comfort and pleasure. This spirit of selfless service forms the basis of hospitality. Chado teaches, in whatever role we assume, host or guest, not to draw distinctions between ourselves and others. This is done by recognizing the humanity of all those with whom we come in contact.

MuHinShu enabled the disregarding of rank that permitted serf and samurai to commune in contemplation of a single beautiful work of art or nature. This was important because, in tree-structured Japanese feudalism, Chado was the only way for information to flow associatively, as in a semi-lattice. See WikiIsNotaTree for more.

On wiki, MuHinShu is called the WikiNature. Any wiki policy that violates MuHinShu opposes this essence of wiki, at the extreme, throttling a wiki into a mere website.


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