New Games Foundation Books

If you like the games played at PlopConference and EuroPlop you may want to have a look at the NewGamesFoundationBooks. GeorgePlatts let me browse his collection and here are some references. Some of them have a nice collection of parachute games. Lots of pictures, good instructions for use, for variation, good memories. -- MartineDevos

There are some NewGames on this wiki.

Andrew Fuegelman ed.

The New Games Book

The new games foundation 1978 Sidgwick & Jackson

Out of print
Andrew Fuegelman

More new games

1981 Headlands Press ISBN 0 385 175140
Mat Weinstein & Joel Goodman


Impact publishers book 1980 ISBN 0 915166 50X
Bernard De Koven

The well played game -- a player's phylosophy

1978 Doubleday Press ISBN 0 385 13268 9 Amazon shows this as out of print.

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