New World Order

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"New World Order" is a name sometimes associated with The Ancient Illuminated Seers of Bavaria (BavarianIlluminati), as documented in The Illuminatus! Trilogy by Shea and RobertAntonWilson and elsewhere. For example, NWO is the subtitle of a trading card game based on the theories of the book. Note that the higher initiates like to conceal deep truths within humour. Or is it the other way round?

Notably used by GeorgeBush during the Gulf War to describe his hopes for a significant transformation in international relations. Shortly after the war MargaretThatcher mockingly retorted "It looks more like the Old World Disorder to me".

Term then used by those politically more "conservative" than Bush, after the ColdWar ended, as a new scarecrow to frighten the masses into voting for reactionary politics with more budget for the military and less for diplomacy.
Wasn't there a flash-in-the-pan band by that name?

You're not thinking of New Order, are you? They weren't exactly a flash in the pan.
New World Order: same as all the previous world orders. only the individuals are "new"
See: OneWorldAlliance

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