North Of England Xp Users Group

Latest news: The new AgileNorth group is now filling the void left by the demise of this group!

Next meeting: Date and time to be announced.

All are welcome, especially those thinking of taking up XP.

Location: Swan Tavern, Golbourne Rd, Winwick, Warrington, Cheshire WA2 8LF, Tel: 0870 7001562. It's close to the M6 / M62 intersection.


Please let me know if you would like to come (

Would anyone care to volunteer a theme for the meeting to focus the discussion a bit?

-- Simon Monk

The purpose of this group is to act as a forum both for people practicing Xp and those thinking of starting Xp to exchange ideas informally. The group is not sponsored by any organizations and will remain independent.

The format of our meeting is very relaxed, with no fixed agenda. The emphasis is on exchanging experiences and picking up tips. We have a range of people including practitioners, academics, and even those still unsure.

We meet on the second Monday of every month. Check here for times and places.

Locations may vary but will be in a pub and will be in the North of England.

Meeting (or should that be gathering) 13th May 2002

There was no agenda but Topics discussed today included: It was my first visit to the group and I enjoyed it. I was welcomed despite being a bit of an XP cynic. I think the next meeting will be the 10th June but I'm sure it will be announced officially at some point. (AnotherMikeThomas)

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