On Valuable Things

It is a GoodThing to create a page OnValuableThings, particularly those which cost nothing and are openly accessible. ThinkingOutLoud.DonaldNoyes.20120210
One may create personal shareable artifacts or artifactories upon which they will not place monetary value. They may consider them 1SimplyNotForSale1. While they may not be free, they may be made 1FreelyAvailable1. Some things should be owned by no one, but be reachable and usable by every one.

Much of what one may produce of value in ones employable lifetime may have been acquired via signed agreements by those who have employed or otherwise engaged them, it is also true that out of the same mind and mindset can come, particularly in later life, things which are, at least, or much more, valuable. These are things which they may hold as their own privately, or which they may choose to make available to others in an almost silent considerate open manner to those who may have interest in them.

The internet has made this a potential possiblilty, but not the only avenue of sharing of valuable things. The SmallFootprintComputing paradigm is upon us because of a number of miniaturizations which have occured since the introduction of the semiconductor components based on early transistors and earlier electrical, magnetic, optic and atomic developments over the last 60 to 260 years. The paradigm under which this is occuring is in its early infancy. While the computer has been made smaller, it has also become more capable, wireless and inexpensive (therefore widely available). As a result of the laborious nature of work being automated. the mind and our thinking has been allowed the time-space to expand in acquiring and proliferating knowledge. This is particularly true for those who no longer are considered profitable by those concerned mainly with bottom-lines and economic efficiencies.

Is it now time to make unprofitable valuable things free? Some would SayWhy?, while others may say SayWhyNot?? Should knowledge, skill, notions and ideas have value only through franchise? You may answer these questions yourself though others may not come to the same conclusions. What will tell is what your actions are once you try to answer or try to ignore the questions.

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