Oncea Lost Soul

This is a page on a particular genre of TurnAroundToSelfManagement, and inspired by actions of a well-known ChiefArchitect, who announced in June06 he is ShiftingGears to leave MicroSoft to focus on saving the world.

Are there much others like him? Influential, famous and rich people who voluntarily decide to turn their energy to HigherPrinciples before they get close to being summoned by their maker.

Certainly, this is a very valuable form of LeaderShip.

Below are a list of people who TurnedGoodAtTheEnd, and having a real impact.


Jun06 interview at http://www.pbs.org/newshour/bb/social_issues/jan-june06/gates_06-16.html

2000 article on his achievements in charity at http://www3.sympatico.ca/truegrowth/gates1.html

Some of the charity work is much needed but not newsworthy; see http://www.billgatesisdead.com/links/His_Life/Charity_Work.html.

Others crossing the barrier FromSuccessToSignificance

It appears at least a former President, and a former Vice President of the US have undertaken significant causes after the completion of their political career.

There may be better examples elsewhere.

See TheRulesForBeingHuman, RulesToLiveBy for additional inspirations.
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