Open Document Format

OpenDocumentFormat (ODF) is an OasisOrganization standardization effort that uses ExtensibleMarkupLanguage and aim to provide increased portability of office documents in a heterogeneous environment.

This particular format has the support of some large vendors like IbmCorporation and SunCorporation, but MicroSoft has its own competing XaMl, an XmlLanguage based product.

In mid 2005 ItManagers at US State of Massachusetts produced an architecture that mandated the use of ODF in software purchases. However the legality of this is being challenged by bills introduced by the State Senate. As at this writing jury is out on what happens next.

On hindsight it is easy to say that perhaps there should have been more activities in the area of StrategicAlignmentOfItProductsAndServices. It would at least demonstrate the importance of having a solid InformationTechnologyGovernance worked out beforehand.

Some material to aid interested readers to keep up on WhatHappened include:

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