Pattern Template

Copy the source for this page and paste it into an EditText window when creating a pattern. Cf. DesignPatternTemplate

PROBLEM: Very brief, please.

CONTEXT: Prerequisites for this solution.

FORCES: Bullet list of constraints. SOLUTION: What to do.


RATIONALE: Why it works.

Author: your name, the date

Originator: Somebody, not the author, who discovered the idea.
Please revise this page; this is a hasty skeleton. I suspect many of the one-line explanations of the sections are wrong. Does something similar already exist somewhere? I tried searching on "template" and "pattern form", and came up dry. -- BetsyHanesPerry
Doug Lea's Patterns-Discussion FAQ
has this to say about the format of presenting a Pattern.

"There are many stylistic variants of this [Pattern] format, including the purely narrative Portland Form."

I'll be sorry if the PortlandForm dies out. -- ChuckSiska
There is a Wiki-page providing an index to some of the more commonly used PatternForms (including PortlandForm, AlexandrianForm, CanonicalForm, CoplienForm, and GoFform). There is also an AGCS-patterns template at

I also have some slides presenting something similar to the template given above as part of my "Patterns in a Nutshell" presentation at:

and a much more long-winded description at:

See: OrcKillingPattern

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