Penny Arcade

An online comic strip written by Michael Krahulik and Jerry Holkins, and one of the most popular webcomics in existence. Basic plot is centered around two male characters Gabe and Tycho,(respctively, based on the authors). They discuss the latest video games, as well as the state of the video game industry. Comic quality is if a very high standard, with excellent artwork by Mike, and Jerry's scripts are often laugh-out-loud funny, thanks to his witty sense of humor and good command of English.

And they host a set of forums, some people claim it's a loyal fanbase which interacts through the Penny Arcade Forums. These forums are fairly tame by internet standards. Others claim the forums are possibly the most sickening, aggressive, flame-ridden forums (in particular the 'Social Entropy++' chat section) on the Web today. These are usually the people shot down by the SE++ denizens, who have absolutely zero tolerance for abject stupidity. However, other sections of the forums tend to be very friendly and helpful.

Mike and his wife, Kara, recently had a baby, whom they named Gabriel, after the character who represents Mike in the comic.

Every year, they and their fans buy toys and other fun things for children in hospitals. The project is called [ Child's Play], and has brought in over $1,000,000 in toys and cash donations.

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