Personal Wiki Dialogue

If you buy into the WikiMind even a bit, interacting with the Wiki is not a dialogue with each other user. Instead, you are engaged in a personal dialogue with the Wiki itself. Each person using the Wiki has their own conversation.

Mine has been, so far, illuminating if slightly repetitive. For example, this very concept is more tastefully explained in WikiInternalDialogue! Oops.

Sometimes I reply to myself, only years later. It scares me when I do that. -- SunirShah

It's because you are not now what you were years ago, and you have learned (or forgotten) what you were like then and what you are now.

That's the adventure of the WikiNow, What was can be as though it is now, so your now can converse with your was and your now can speak to a future. It is a little wild isn't it. It speaks to the tone of conversation on the Wiki, we can speak on a page as if it were a real time conversation, though the time scale is stretched. Try having a conversation with MrSocrates or MrAristotle! See also LongNow and PerpetualNow, for related concepts.

And now it scares me you're using a page I created (LongNow) in response to me. -- ss


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