Peter Thoeny

Name : Peter Thoeny

Email :

Location : Cupertino, CA, USA

Occupation : Director US Customer Engineering, Services & Support, TakeFive? Software Inc. ( )

Description : I started to work for TakeFive? in May, 1998. I am doing a little bit of everything for the company, that is the nice thing working for a small company. We make and sell a source code engineeering tool called SNiFF+ ( ).

Before TakeFive? I have been working for a software company in Japan for many years, developing CASE tools. ( Denso Create Inc., )

07/21/98 : I think WardCunningham 's WikiWikiWeb idea is fantastic. I would like to deploy it on our Intranet as a Knowledge Base for finding answers to problems customers frequently ask. Where can I get the source of WikiWiki? The link in WikiWikiGoesPublic doesn't work, I just get a "unavailable during a temporary period of system upgrade" for over a month now.


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