Phear Wiki

pHEAR WiKI is hosted at: (as near as i can see)

pHEAR WiKI is a quick hack of a wiki that was put together in a day (plus another day to package and document). The main focus is ease of administration, relatively simple install, and ease of use (especially for the non-wiki initiated).

Some of the features include:

This is the first wiki ever (that I know of) that has a create a page function. Well, you can always type in a URL like for WardsWiki (and most others). But having explicit access to add a new page name is a nice feature, yes. -- KarlKnechtel

... After looking at it: I was rather expecting a form box where you'd type the new page title and hit Submit, and go to an edit page - putting that text field on the actual editing page works fine too, though. I also like the separation of "Name" and "Title" - although for ZincWiki I intend to provide PolymorphicWikiPageTitles, I anticipate that there will be a need for a page to provide a "canonical title" as well as a "page key" ("name" in PhearWiki parlance) for the database.


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