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When I went looking for a PHP-based wiki several weeks ago, there were none so I set off to create one [a WikiClone]. When I got a reasonable version going and came back here to "register" it, I found two other PHP implementations already there. Sheesh.

Anyway, I based my code on PikiPiki, a Python wiki implementation that I admire for its clean design. I have followed the formatting rules of PikiPiki, although I'm thinking about converting to classic wiki rules.

My biggest goal was to implement a wiki that allows for very fast browsing. PHP seemed a good candidate since when run as an Apache module we can skip the whole fork/exec overhead thing. Although I'm fairly happy with the result, the algorithm I used to handle formatting chews up a lot of time. If only PHP3 had the '/e' option for regular expressions.

Oh yeah, you can find my code and an example PhikiWiki web via some links on

-- FredYankowski

[Note: As of June 2011 Fred no longer maintains this project, as he is out of the consulting business for now. You can get the source from his site and fool with it; he gave me permission and I intend to do so. -- MartySchrader]

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