Piergiuliano Bossi

aka TheBox?, theboxx, bop, thinkingbox

I'm a Coach & Software Architect at an unspecified company in Toronto, Canada. Previously, I was: Since December 2007 I'm editor and author at stacktrace.it (check http://stacktrace.it), where I'm taking care of the "Software Engineering" category. stacktrace.it is an e-zine for Italian speaking geeks.

Past projects: In the past I have also coached in BancaImi? the RepoMargining project.

Other contributions: I'm one of the organizer of the former (Italian only) OpenDayForManagersOnExtremeProgrammingAndAgileMethods.

I've recently decided to feed a blog with some random ideas, remarks, thoughts, etc. You can find it at http://thinkingbox.wordpress.com

If you want to follow some even more random, not so frequent tweets, check http://twitter.com/thinkingbox

mail: If you want a resume just drop me an email at gmail address.
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