Post Project Review

The general absence of post-project review of software projects is one source of EngineeringEnvy.

NormKerth frequently facilitates such reviews. He shares his experience and advice in the following paper.

At ComSonics where I work, we generally have a PostMortem or AfterActionReport. I don't like the post mortem title because it means literally after death and hopefully most of our projects don't die. The After Action Report title is more like it, despite the military connotations. We generally do it by having an OutOfPlant -- we go to a local hotel and use one of their conference rooms and take all the principle investigators and talk about problems encountered, solutions found, things to do better next time and stuff like that. Then we put a report together and distribute it to management and store it away for future reference. Not great ... but it helps. --RaySchneider

Norm avoids the "after death" connotation by calling this review a PostPartumReview. --DaveSmith

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