Quick Fix

QuickFix is an OpenSource implementation of the open FIX trading protocol. FIX is an ExtensibleMarkupLanguage protocol used in the financial trading world. The QuickFIX engine is a free, cross-platform communication tool for the trading industry. It is available under a modified BerkeleyStandardDistribution license.

QuickFix was built and released to the OpenSource community by ThoughtWorks Inc. and was written by OrenMiller. It was built TestFirst and demonstrates the effectiveness of TestDrivenDesign for cross-platform CeePlusPlus development.

QuickFix is actively supported for VisualCeePlusPlus on the WindowsOs platform and GnuCompilerCollection compilers on SolarisOs and LinuxOs. It has also been successfully built on MacOsx, FreeBsd, and QNX. QuickFix also has JavaLanguage, VbLanguage?, PythonLanguage, RubyLanguage, and DotNet wrappers.

For more information about FIX: http://www.fixprotocol.org/

For more information about QuickFix: http://www.quickfixengine.org/

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