Republican Party

A major political party in the UnitedStatesOfAmerica, traditionally centrist, they've recently been leaning to the far right of most libertarians and constitutionalists. Not dissimilar in platform and viewpoint to the DemocraticParty but generally considered to be to the right of that party.

The Republican party is not centrist, except as far as the US is concerned.

Indeed. In CanadaCountry the DemocraticParty would probably be considered right of centre, and the RepublicanParty more so.

The Republican party is unquestionably centrist from a historical standpoint. Asking for prayer in school is way more moderate than a ban on all alcohol (which conservatives advocated in the 20s). Modern Republicans now raise taxes (read my lips, George Bush Sr.). They expand government (George Bush Jr. created Department of Homeland Security). They massively increase spending (prescription handouts and earmarks costing hundreds of billions, such as the $700 billion bailout proposed for failed Wall St. ventures). Nearly all the right-of-center principles have been abandoned, including that of foreign policy (expansion of freedom, versus the more classical non-interventionist philosophies). Some argue that JFK was actually more of a Republican than George Bush Jr., and refer to his inaugural address for proof. However, others will cite his assassination as strong evidence to the contrary.

In addition, Fox news is unilaterally agreed by every independent (right, left, and centrist) media watchdog to be far-right-wing, even going so far as to call out and support assassination of leaders of other countries.

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