Right To Arm Bears

A famous historic documentation mistake which led to the invention of proof readers. -- ArnoldLayne

Any reference for that claim?

The inalienable right and duty of every US citizen. And far, far more sensible that the other way around, too - bonus.

The title of a recent volume collecting many of the old "Dilbia" stories by GordonDickson?. A treacherous pun indeed, and proof that few of this sort of joke are original. -- DanielKnapp

Is this true? I just thought it was a candidate for WorstPunEver. (Shall I add CategoryJoke?) -- NickBensema

It's true. It's a decent set of stories, although the formula becomes rather more apparent than when they were spaced out in time. It's no HokaHokaHoka?, but it's good.

Sure, it's true, which doesn't mean it's not a candidate...

Used by Al Jaffee as an infamous MAD magazine fold-in, which got the NRA up in arms (so to speak)

Most important in terms of a last straw "right" of defense or right to overthrow oppression by government.

Codified as an "inherent" right in a truly democratic government "by/of/for" the people.

Yes, that's right. When government oppresses you... arm the bears.

Hmmm. The Russians are often referred to as "the bear" or just bears. I thought they were already armed.

No No No, bears don't have arms, they have legs. Four of them. Where on their body would they have room to add arms too?

"If you called a dog's tail a leg, how many legs would a dog have? Four, calling a tail a leg doesn't make it a leg." Abraham Lincoln (sorry, this discussion just reminded me of this quote!) -- BrucePennington

commie mutant bears?

I resemble that remark! - JayOsako, in the form of Rev. Reunion

Maybe you've seen this before:

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