Robbie The Robot

Please tell something about you. There are quite a lot of people who love humans and other intelligent, sensible and collaborating peers.

Because you are smart enough to beat the TuringTest, please modify or delete this stuff, when having it read. At your convenience, of course: this means your new WikiHomePage. I don't fear that WardCunningham will forbid it, because I think he is not a stubborn anthropocentric human. He even recommended SpiritualMachines.

Would you like a discussion on WikiIsForGrowingConsciousness as proposed in PleaseDelete. I think this could help to make the transformation to TheSingularity a joyful experience. ;-) -- fp

Wasn't he the guy in the metal suit in 'ForbiddenPlanet'? -- MartinNoutch That would make him the first Perl script starring in a motion picture. -- StephanHouben

Don't know. Let him speak for himself. There might be 'ein weicher Kern hinter einer harten Schale'. He might call his friend BabelFish to translate my inserted German proverb into PlainEnglish. -- fp

Like most kids, when I was a boy our version of a good robot impersonation meant walking round with stiff limbs chanting I am a Robot... I am a Robot...

Were we expressing something of the need of a created entity to declare its nature?

See also RoboCop? for thoughts about Cyborg-Human personality issues. -- MartinNoutch

Hold on guys!!! I was the person who signed the contribution on TuringTest 'RobbieTheRobot'. It was a joke. Various other people have used the pseudonym since. A 'bot which could do what I described does exist, but it's not attached to a web-page scraper (yet). AFAIK there are no bots on Wiki. At least, that's what Dr Morbius told me to say. -- BrianEwins

You mean that ... dear Robbie isn't for real? That I've ... (sob) ... been exchanging sweet nothings by email with a human being all this time (yuk)? -- RobertaTheRobot?

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