Robert Fripp

A RockMusic?ian, well known for his work as a member of the band King Crimson.

Fripp has also written down some of his thoughts about music, being a musician, and the nature of practice. These may be of interest to people who see a connection between music and software development as creative processes.

From "The Road to Graceland" :

A practice of any value will be three things:
  1. A way of developing a relationship with the instrument;
  2. A way of developing a relationship with music;
  3. A way of developing a relationship with ourselves.

Fripp may be the author of the following quote found in the liner notes to King Crimson's album Discipline:

"Discipline is never an end in itself, only a means to an end."
"Relaxation is never accidental."

Others from elsewhere:
Not only a musician that some WikiZens enjoy the labour of, but also someone with interesting things to say about skillful, disciplined creative work that some wikizens find speaks to their own work.
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