Robert Fripp

A RockMusic?ian, well known for his work as a member of the band King Crimson.

Fripp has also written down some of his thoughts about music, being a musician, and the nature of practice. These may be of interest to people who see a connection between music and software development as creative processes.
From "The Road to Graceland" (

A practice of any value will be three things:
  1. A way of developing a relationship with the instrument;
  2. A way of developing a relationship with music;
  3. A way of developing a relationship with ourselves.

Fripp may be the author of the following quote found in the liner notes to King Crimson's album Discipline:

"Discipline is never an end in itself, only a means to an end."


"Relaxation is never accidental."

Not only a musician that some WikiZens enjoy the labour of, but also someone with interesting things to say about skillful, disciplined creative work that some wikizens find speaks to their own work. Yet nevertheless an OffTopic DeletionCandidate. I like music, but I don't come to C2 to read about music.

Fine. Please bear in mind that you aren't required to read this or any other page. But then, take the time to read this one again carefully and you will find that it isn't about music. Look at the backlinks, and you'll find that it's about EgolessCreativity, SoftwareDevelopmentAsCraft and various other things. Many people (you might or might not be one of them) do come to C2 to read about those things.

If you edited this page so it illustrated those topics, it would be one thing. <sound of gauntlet being thrown> As is, this page is pretty much content free.

Since LinksAreContent, and this page links those pages, plus tells us about an instance of the concepts they name, then the case is made. This conversation should be deleted soon. Say, before September 2005.

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