Scott Johnston

I'm the lead developer of IvTools, an evolved repackaging of InterViews and the UnidrawFramework. Take a look at what we accomplished by layering frameworks on top of an application foundation (LayeredApplicationFramework). The latest development on top of IvTools is the IplPackage, a development environment for the concurrent programming language described in KarlFant's book ComputerScienceReconsidered.

I used to run Vectaport Inc. ( located in Redwood City, California. Vectaport sold custom development services using C++ software frameworks. I guess I am still operating a consulting business under the same name. If you want to read my thoughts on free software business models, etc.., take a look at my AdvoGato diary: Or for other topics:

I also had a day job in broadcast video special effects ( My other interests are travel, history, science, camping, and everything about animation.

Pages started: EvolutionaryProgramming, SourceForScience, RefactorSlack, SourceComponents, CompoundObjectProgramming, BuildLearnAbstract, ExperimentStudyRefine, StudyTheSourceWithaDebugger


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