Scott Walsh

I guess I should introduce myself. I have been lurking on the WikiWikiWeb for some time and now have the courage to declare my presence.

I work in the area of embedded systems, currently this is working with small 8 bit micros (NEC 78K/0), previously I have used multiple parrallel procesing DSP's (Motorolla DSP56002).

For most of the project KeithDerrick has been working with us, and is showing how to use an OO approach on a small embedded system where we are implementing in an ObjectBasedProgramming style.

-- ScottWalsh
Hey Scott, looks like we are starting to get somewhere with the ObjectBasedProgramming patterns. It is an amazing experience to see how (and what) other people see. Anyway, what do your company do? Drop me a mail.

-- StephenCheng


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