Seymour Papert

Seymour Papert is brilliant. The LegoMindstorms kits are named after his most famous publication, MindStorms (1983 I think?). He did a lot of work at MIT (MassachusettsInstituteOfTechnology) involving programmable Lego (although he used the LogoLanguage instead of the basic like language used on the RCS controller).

Seymour studied psychology under JeanPiaget?, and became a professor of mathematics at MIT. He co-founded the MIT ArtificialIntelligenceLaboratory? with MarvinMinsky. He developed the LogoLanguage with DannyBobrow?, WallyFeurzeig?, and others at BoltBeranekAndNewman? and MIT.

The LogoLanguage was ported to MicroComputers by HaroldAbelson, AndreadiSessa?, and others at the LogoLaboratory?, and later commercialized by TexasInstruments, TerrapinSoftware? and LogoComputerSystems?.

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