Shameless Self Promotion

The act of dropping your name into the WikiSpace just to have your name here -- BrianLong

I can't see why anyone would stoop so low -- PaulHudson

I can -- CharlesMunat?

That's disgusting --PhlIp (author of ZeekLand)

Once I get over the fact that there isn't a log-in prompt I'll probably even run round adding my name to all my old posts. Well, except this one (of course) --

Who, WikiWordPlaceholder Me

I'll bet some people would even try to find employment via the Wiki. -- KrisJohnson (HireMe)

Some people even promote their publications here. --RandyStafford, contributor to PatternsOfEnterpriseApplicationArchitecture and EjbDesignPatternsBook

Check out my latest O'Reilly release English++ Leapfrogs Language-- WilliamShakespeare

Especially since GoogleLovesWiki--it's always good to see my home page on the first page of hits when someone types in my name--ScottJohnson (right now it's on page 2...damn).

Discussion pasted here from WikiWikiSandbox.

I need to know what value there is here beyond self-congratulatory? NovemberZeroFive

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