Smalltalk The Language And Its Implementation

Smalltalk-80: The Language and Its Implementation by AdeleGoldberg and David Robson (ISBN 0-201-11371-6 ).

A classic. Years ago, this book help me form my first notions of what object oriented programming and integrated development environments were all about. -- ToddCoram
In addition to the comments that follow about implementation and the methodDictionary class chain, are there any other ways in which the book is inaccurate? If someone is about to use Smalltalk for the first time and is using the BlueBook for reference, what do they need to be aware of if they're using Squeak?
Yes, a classic. Originally called the BlueBook because of its blue cover. It is one a set that includes the GreenBook, a collection of implementation histories and such, and the OrangeBook, a user guide to the original environment.

The authors removed Part Four of the BlueBook to make what some call the PurpleBook. They changed the color to help distinguish it from the original.

ISBN 0201136880

The portion excised from the original BlueBook is part that offered a formal specification of the virtual machine, the interpreter, the object memory, and so on. Adele offers several rationales for removing it:

The upshot is that the original BlueBook is now out of print, and those of us who have them should treasure them as artifacts of a bygone era. -- TomStambaugh

I ran across a couple of copies of this book at PowellsBooks the other day and said to myself, "Say, it'd be cool to own a copy of that. I might even be able to sell it for a good profit if I wanted." So, I picked up the book and looked at the back - they wanted over $100 for it! So much for making a good profit! -- BillTrost

I was at Powells Technical Bookstore yesterday; a new copy of the BlueBook cost $85. A used copy of the PurpleBook was $31; a new copy of the PurpleBook was $45. Hurry if you want the blue book, they only had one left.

I just saw that the missing chapters of the blue book have been placed on the web: -- MichaelFeathers
(I have questions about OutOfPrintBooks. -- JohnPassaniti)
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