Social Intelligence

SocialIntelligence is an old topic, which has now evolved into the better known name of EmotionalIntelligence.

"modern-day" use of the term go back to 1937 Thorndike and Stern article titled "And evaluation of the attempts to measure social intelligence".

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Examples of SocialIntelligence include:
The Power of SocialIntelligence

Those who have work but unsure of its power has only to look to their seniors earning more money, get more status, and have the distinct pleasure of bossing their subordinates about.

Or see an 2001 academic study paper titled "The Inheritance of Economic Status" at

It appears recently prominent Americans (the political kind) have acting experience. Perhaps these people are better skilled in the RolePlayingGame?

Nature or Nurture?

Reading Material

The Intelligence of Emotional Intelligence at

See also SocialDynamics

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