Stake In The Quicksand

A metaphor for overcoming that overwhelming feeling of disorientation that arises when no aspect of the ProblemDomain seems certain. Just pick something reasonably certain and treat it as if it were certain. This is the StakeInTheQuicksand. Don't forget that it is not actually certain, so it is still SomethingToThinkAbout. You might want to WriteItOnaCard so you don't forget. I call such discipline MicroDecisionAwareness

Let me get this straight. A wooden stake kills a vampire, and a StakeInTheQuicksand kills AnalysisParalysis. Ok, got it.

It may be used to kill AnalysisParalysis, and in its wider and more prevalent sense than is discussed on that WikiPage (software or vendor selection and scope definition, for example). It is not a panacea, however. Sometimes AnalysisParalysis is caused by too much certainty (unreasonable demands or excessive constraints). In such cases I guess you need a SilverBullet

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