Static Menu

A static menu has a similar goal as frames on some webpages. It provides you with a fixed place on your screen where you can have links.

Technically, the menu is provided as HTML code that you save to a file on your hard drive. When you load the file in your browser, you're redirected to WikiName as a home page. (You're expected to change the code to go to your own home page.)

Once on your homepage an immovable, static menu appears on the top of your screen and it will remain there during your C2 session. This menu has several links and functions such as your WikiHomePage, FindPage and so on.

Try copying the code from StaticMenuForWardsWiki and giving it a try.

You can also use your browser to accomplish a similar goal. Drag wiki links to the Links Toolbar in InternetExplorer, or the Bookmarks Toolbar in MozillaFirefox, to build up your own utility menu.

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