Steven Shaw


My personal development motto has always been PowerThruSimplicity, which translates well to the XP rule DoTheSimplestThingThatCouldPossiblyWork.

A very ancient opinion of mine on programming languages:

I'm interested in programming languages. I'm especially drawn to RubyLanguage, SchemeLanguage, CommonLisp and SmalltalkLanguage. I've discovered that there is a strong relationship between the LispLanguage and the SmalltalkLanguage.

A pretty ancient update to that opinion:

After this spout of interest in dynamically typed languages, I realised that there really is a lot to be said for good tools like Eclipse and IntelliJ. Static typing helps with tooling. I am interested in languages like ObjectiveCaml, SmlLanguage and even the HaskellLanguage. However, probably more relevant is the ScalaLanguage, which has many of their traits (and a few extra) and runs on top of the Java and .NET platforms (note that .NET implementation is now languishing). In any language now, I am going to miss navigation/comprehension tools like goto definition (ctrl-click), find usages (Alt-F7), highlight usages (Ctrl-Shift-F7), icons to indicator of overridden methods; refactorings like safe rename, extract interface and source generators like implement inherited methods; and even little things like import help, as-you-type warnings/errors along with suggestions to fix these. The ScalaLanguage currently has a rudimentary EclipsePlugin but it's a language worth watching. Apparently, JetBrains are working on support in IntelliJ for the ScalaLanguage!

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