Stew Stryker

Stew Stryker is a senior programmer/analyst at Dartmouth College. He stumbled onto the Wiki Wiki concept yesterday through a brief reference on a collaboration article somewhere, and hasn't been able to stop thinking about all Wiki's uses!

He's been looking for a web-based collaboration tool for his Advance C/S development team for months, and he may have finally hit the right one here!

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Update: Oct 2003

Yes, Wikis work great, but I could't "sell" it to my development team. Maybe I'm not developing effectively if I need an extra tool like this to communicate and collaborate effectively? Maybe I'm just looking for something to make being a developer more interesting? Maybe I'm just a visionary? Whatever.

More recently, I've gotten on the Test-Driven Development bandwagon. I haven't tried to get others on the bandwagon of that yet, but it's working great for me.


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