Strange Page

I added this WikiTag to a WikiPage that I earlier considered a DeletionCandidate because it seemed to lack content. It looked like noise and MakeSignalNotNoise. I didn't delete it, but flagged it for deletion consideration. The author of that page pledged for reconsideration, but I still didn't understand that page, so I said so. That may have been OK, but it may still have discouraged other WikiZens from contributing to it simply by this distracting MetaDiscussion?.

For this reason, I will tentatively use StrangePage as a marker for potential signal. It may or may not be replaced with DeletionCandidate (or the page be deleted outright) later as needed (see DeleteWhenCooked).

This tag is not intended for pages that are clearly tests or noise or funny in general.

-- GunnarZarncke (you may refactor this to DocumentMode at will)

See also WikiContentGenerationProcess

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