Swiss German Xp Terminology

Since in Switzerland it is much more common to use Anglicisms (and other foreign words), I believe that in most cases it is not appropriate to use (often ugly) translations. --DanielSchweizer

What do you think?
I'm in any case not a fan of translating IT terms into german, if they originated in english. Usually there is such a large body of documentation in english using the original terms, that using translations only leads to confusion and limits the use of the existing docs. --PeterGassmann

In 1995, I joined a project at UBS in Zurich that was just starting up. I opted for documenting things in German, but the majority of developers opted for using English, which we then decided on. I didn't stay too long with the project, however, I returned in 1998 to see how they had done. Reviewing the documentation, I couldn't help but notice that 90% of it had been written in German. Morale of story: even if you are an excellent English speaker, don't underestimate the power of your native language.

Individual words may be different, but if you can find a nice translation, I would go for it.

--Dirk Riehle

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