Systems Development

In the world of DataProcessing, the act of developing an implementation of a system that typically include RequirementDefinition and SystemsAnalysis stages.

More broadly, any kind of ApplicationDevelopment involving team(s), under the guidance of a ProjectManagement approach that is applicable to a WaterfallMethodology or AgileMethodology. Sometimes the work in done in a LowDisciplineMethodology fashion though (And ArtificialDeadlines are to blame :)).

In larger projects, EnterpriseApplicationIntegration concerns become important. And then there may be a role for SystemArchitect.

See also DevelopmentTeamModels, SystemsDevelopmentLifeCycle, SoftwareDevelopment, SystemIntegration

"SystemProgramming is unrelated to SystemsDevelopment. The former is typically found in larger companies with duties to support SystemsDevelopment and the computing infrastructure."


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