The Race For The Double Helix

Based on the book of the same name, the movie stars JeffGoldblum? and TimPigotSmith? as JamesWatson? and FrancisCrick?, the co-discoverers of the structure of DNA. It has a great "flow" to it, is highly entertaining, very funny, and just plain inspiring.

It is very unfortunate that the movie is unavailable on either VHS or DVD, and I was lucky enough to tape it over a decade ago when it was playing on AMC (the American Movie Classics channel). I really do hope that the makers of this movie will someday distribute it on DVD, for I would buy one without a moment of hesitation. My VHS tape is well worn, and I would really hate to lose this movie. - BillZimmerly
How is JamesWatson? portrayed in the movie? I have heard him talk in person and gathered some first-hand sense of what he's about, so I'd be curious to know.
He's portrayed as brilliant, very driven, funny, and horny (he wants to meet the "French Girls"). A typical Jeff Goldblum part in that he plays the nerdy scientist. His acting is superb, and one of the reasons that this movie is so entertaining. - BillZimmerly
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